The Agency

Maybe you’re the curious type, and maybe Victoria Agency has always intrigued you and you haven’t yet crossed our doorstep! So we’re inviting you to come and visit our brand new office space: where everything goes down, and the magic that creates our superb projects happens… Come, and discover Victoria Agency.

Victoria Agency Office

Relax in the Cosy Space

Without a doubt, here is where you’ll be welcomed when you come to visit us. A coffee and a chat, to learn about all your latest and greatest projects. Sink into comfy chairs (soft as brownies), that will help us relax and find inspiration, whilst working on moodboards and ideas for your plans. More likely than not, you’ll also find a couple of our hairy colleagues snoring through a nap; if there’s a place to sleep it’s here!


Discover the Creative Corner

Probably the space with the highest concentration of creative neurones, this corner is the HQ of our artists. Here we digitalise our craziest ideas. Observe for yourself how these interesting creatures, called “designers”, work and think.

ryan & laurent

Visit the Studio

What would we do without our studio? Inside we can make beautiful models, packshots and many more arts&crafts. This space is essential because of our love for paper! Quick note: the Japonese binding of our brochures “Le Vallon”, was done entirely by hand in our studio. With the artisanale touch, each brochure is charming and unique.

Umberto & Camille

Stop by the Food Corner

All foodies unite here! Drawers filled with goodies (amongst them, there’s the best homemade pesto) and snacks; we must be fed to help us maintain our creativity and obviously to stay alert. (Disclaimer: we cannot be held accountable for food disappearing. Beware of nimble fingered designers stealing the last Buenos!)

Welcome to the Counter

Meet our wise and kind mentor: the counter table. Like Yoda, she listens to each of us and has the best advice. Learn from her, we shall.
With our tall tales, crazy schemes and endless conversations; our brains never stop firing, even during breaks.


Central Station – or the planning hub

And last, but certainly not least, you can meet the Maestro. You’ll find her in the administrative den, conducting the rythme of our workdays; the place where everything starts, gets treated, planned, briefed and then comes to a flourishing end.


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