You’ve got a communication or design challenge. How do you crack it with creativity? Here are six simple strategies we like at Victoria Agency for your team to use.


Get your team together and generate ideas – freestyle with no preconceived ideas or judgement. Do set a time limit though. Done right, you’ll develop all sorts of spontaneous, imaginative and original ideas.

Mind Mapping

Pull out your most colourful markers, and draw a map that lays out your thought process, linking one idea to another one.

Design Charrette

Divide your team into small groups, and have each group quickly brainstorm about ideas around a specific topic. Switch up the teams after 10 minutes and start again…and again as needed. Bring everyone together to share, and see what ideas stick.


Create personas, short descriptions of the personality, preferences and behaviors of the target audience or user. We give our personas more than just a description by assigning them pictures too. Personas will help you stay laser focused on the real people you want to reach and impress.

Ask Why

Don’t just accept an idea. Challenge yourself and your team by asking “why?” and then “why?” again to each subsequent answer. Do this at least five times, and discover some fundamental insights to your communication challenge.


Create a moodboard with a collage of images, fonts, textures, colours and other visual elements that you like. You can do it digitally or in print. Not only is this a fun creative process, but it gives designers a clear sense of your preferences in ways a written letter cannot.