It is scientifically proven that our brain doesn’t like change. As many of us struggle to change careers, to leave bad habits or to get over a ruined relationship, many companies are afraid of taking the first step towards rebranding: the process of giving its brand a new identity.

Why is Change Important In Business?

Even though uncertainty is considered a threat, change is essential, especially for businesses in today’s fast-moving environment. Not only do companies need to stand out and create their own and unique identity, they also need to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. Rebranding is an unique way for companies to reset its brand apart from the competition and retell its story.

From Evolution to Revolution

Rebranding doesn’t necessarily involve radical changes to a brand’s logo, name or image, but it can also simply refresh it. That’s how we distinguish evolution from revolution. Evolution refers to a kind of facelift which gives new strength or energy to a brand, often used by companies that have been around for awhile and are forced to do something about their identity since they are faced with fierce competition. Revolution, on the other hand, means getting rid of your former identity, and therefore includes radical changes.

Reasons For Rebranding

There are many reasons an organization would feel the need to rebrand, namely to reposition itself on the market, to develop a differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, to shift the company’s goals in a new direction, to update its brand to a new target audience, to remain relevant to its current customers and occasionally to distance itself from negative opinions about its previous brand.

Victoria Understands Rebranding

If you belong to the section of the population that is scared of change, you are allowed to lean on us for your visual content. In order to climb the success ladder together, we first need to understand the key pieces to your corporate rebrand. However, with the right processes and the appropriate mindset, rebranding can breathe new life into your business. We are well aware that, as change in our daily lives is a scary thing, the first step towards rebranding is also hard to take. Comforting to know: branding is a now a primary consideration and investment for many businesses.