Survival Kit To Understand Author’s Rights

By 20 avril 2018 No Comments

There’s nothing more demoralizing for a professional than seeing its creation being used by someone else without its permission. That’s why we think everyone needs to have a few basic notions of law in their area of activity. As designers, we are well aware of the rights that can help you define your ownership on your work. Let’s have a closer look together to some of the most important author’s rights!

The author’s rights are divided in two complementary parts: moral rights and property rights. Moral rights, which are perpetual and inalienable, cover:

Right Of Disclosure

The author alone decides how its work will be disclosed to the public. You can for instance accept the exposure of your artwork but not the reproduction of it.


Right To Paternity

It guarantees that your name will be affixed on any reproduction of your work, except if you decide to remain anonymous or you want to be known under a pseudonym.


Right To Inviolability Of The Work

It involves maintaining the integrity of your work, respecting the spirit of it.


Right Of Withdrawal

The author may decide to stop the exploitation and dissemination of his work without further justification.
Property rights which are limited in time and may be transferred, include:

Representation Right

The author has the right to disseminate his work to the public.


Reproduction Right

The author may accept the fixation of his work in some material form for its dissemination.


Resale Right

The author has the inalienable faculty to participate in the subsequent resale of its works.


Right Of Destination

The author has the right to uphold the first destination he or she wished to give to his work.