Why do you need a website?

For a company, having a website these days is more than having a “business card” online. It’s an indispensable tool for communication in this connected world. Who doesn’t use their smartphone, at the slightest chance, to look something up on the internet?

More than the information that a website allows you to share, it also gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself by its structure, the services you propose and its design. Almost everything is possible…


Expenditure or Investment?

A strategic presence online, through a website, social media and blogs, is an incredibly efficient way to create commercial leads. All of this takes time of course, and costs money, but it ends up being a valuable asset; if only because you’ll have taken the time to share and communicate with your clients, in a world where interaction is so important. A simple brochure can’t give you the same effects and possibilities.


Useful information, always and everywhere

Better than a shop front, a website is always accessible to your clients and future prospects. Wherever they are, they can connect with your company, get a feel for your identity, and discover your products and services… Plus a website allows you to easily, and instantly, organise and update loads of information.

No company should overlook the usefulness of such a tool, and in all likelihood, one that has yet to undergo an online transformation, has little chance of surviving in this new market.

wow gif

A personalised design

The moment a visitor accesses your website, they can get a feel for the ambition behind your company. Though it’s tempting to use the “pre-packaged” sites some developers offer, you risk having the structure, design and feel of another company. Another company, that might in fact be your competitor…

The design of your website needs to adhere to your image; it needs to follow your identity guidelines so that there’s no confusion as to who you are, and your brand is coherent. Last but not least, the “wow” effect is so important. Everyone is influenced by it: if they are already charmed by the look of your website, they will much more likely accept the message you’re trying to convey. Having your website designed is a strategic decision, one you’ll probably never regret.